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Stage Competition Women Worldcup Competitie 2011

Rules Stage Competition
The Stage competition enables you to design a squad of 12 cyclists for every stage in the Women Worldcup Competitie 2011. You can compose your dayteam till 15 minutes before the actual start of the stage. Based on your stage ranking you will receive points for the general classification

Compose a startlist for every Stage
You will be able to select 12 riders that will represent your startlist or team in a Women Worldcup Competitie 2011 stage. You can select riders from all participating teams. You can do this through this website and, of course, before the deadline for each stage. These 12 riders will score you points (Or not, if you got the wrong riders), that score will be entered in the General Classification.

Only your best 6 results will count
Your scores will be added up and will result in the Stage competition’s general classification. As soon as you have more than 6 scores, your lesser results are deleted in the general classification. Only your 6 best results will be used to make up the classification. So, the more stages you enter, the more good scores will remain.
Add rider
to your startlist
Below your cycling team you'll see all the teams that were entered into the Women Worldcup Competitie 2011. Beside each team the rider selection dropbox will show all the riders not yet selected into your team.
  • select the rider.
  • click "add" button.
The rider is now added to your team.
Delete rider
from your startlist
Click on behind the rider you want to delete. That rider will be discarded from the team and put back into the selection section.

You can also clean up your team with one click by clicking the link "Remove all riders from this team".

Note: Untill the startlist is definitive the dropbox contains riders in black, those are the one that are prognosed to ride the Women Worldcup Competitie 2011, and riders in grey, the riders that probably will not ride the Women Worldcup Competitie 2011. As soon as the startlist is definitive you can only choose riders that are on the startlist. Please check your team shortly before the deadline if all riders you have selected will participate and replace the ones that don't.

Scoring points for your stage classification
Only the individual rider’s scores will count in this classification. For each cyclist that’s on your startlist, you’ll get points if they are within the first 20 cyclists who cross the finishline. The number of points awarded depends on the ranking of your cyclist(s), which are listed below. All points earnt will form a stage-classification.
PositionPoints Position Points
1st place100 11th place10
2nd place80 12th place9
3rd place70 13th place8
4th place60 14th place7
5th place50 15th place6
6th place40 16th place5
7th place30 17th place4
8th place25 18th place3
9th place20 19th place2
10th place15 20th place1

General classification based on your Stagescores
Every entered stage you will receive a score based on the stageresults. The total number of entered startlists for that race also determines the height of your score. The following formula will be used to determine the definite scores:

1000-((1000/startlists)*(rank-1)) + bonus
  • A classification in the first 5 scores will earn you bonuses,
    1st 50 extra, 2nd 40 extra, then 30, 20 and 10.
  • With this formula, the maximum score is 1050
    (1000 basic points scored + 50 bonus)
  • Through the formula, the number of startlists entered will determine the number of points of 2nd place, all the way down to last place.
  • When more than one player finish at the same placing, the scores will be split equally.
  • Scores will be rounded up to two decimals
  • In the General Classification only your 6 best scores will count

Your scores will be added up and will result in the Stage competition’s general classification. Whoever scores the most points during the Race, will win the Women Worldcup Competitie 2011 StageCompetition.

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