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Welcome to the Women Worldcup
Written by DZI (2011-03-22 16:38)
Translated by DZI (2011-03-22 16:38)

Ladies professional cycling will be getting the attention from CyclingFever again in 2011. The 2010 pilot revealed that more and more people were getting interested in women cycling, reason enough for CyclingFever to introduce you to the Women Worldcup 2011. Ladies cycling is a very attractive sport, the Worldcup cycle quite hard to predict. The ideal base to build a competition for and at the same time morally boosting ladies professional cycling.

Just because it is fun. Those that followed the ladies in the past will know that the average race usually has many more unpredictable twists and developments, and in that respect it differs very much from their male counterparts. That difference in race-character is of course ideal to create a ladies competition for and we now offer the possibility to satisfy your curiosity through this website. On the organisational side the 2010 pilot has made clear that accurate start lists - specificly - can cause problems for the competition. That's why we have only selected the UCI Worldcup races as part of this competition-cycle.

As you can see, this competition revolves around one-day-races and that's why we opted for a stage competition only. The recipe is exactly the same as the 'spring-special'; Just select 12 riders before the deadline of each race. You'll be provided with the same tools as in the men's races. And just like for the men's races, a preview and stage description will be presented before each race.

We do realise that ladies professional cycling isn't generally popular yet, but the race organisers are working very hard to do something about that. This competition (8 races) should also help to give the ladies some more momentum. We also realise that ladies cycling is new for a lot of you, so only your best 7 results will count for the general ranking. More than enough chance to get some good scores therefore and no problem if you happen to get one wrong completely. Absolutely great to follow some very exciting racing!

That's why we'd like to wish you a warm welcome to our Women Worldcup 2011 website. Enjoy and score well!
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